Social Media is only the beginning of the conversation 

Our Marketing Plans includes EVERYTHING you need to
increase leads for your business

 Consistent content creation is a powerful tool in social proofing and authority building. Creating content is about connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Keeping it consistent and re-purposing that content, allows you to build deeper and more meaningful social media conversations and loyal clients.

Get the Exposure YOU Need to GROW:

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  • Overall Strategy 
    *Social Audit
    *Content Audit
    *Audio/Video Audit
    *Email Audit
  • Content Strategy Plan
    *Marketing Research

Program Activities

  • Identify Top 3 Social Channels
  • Manage Facebook Account
  • Create Channel Strategy
  • Create plenty of excellent content on a regular basis
  • Listen and understand your audience
  • Align with your brand goals
Content Strategy for Agency258

~ We offer Content Coaching and Strategy Sessions ~
What to create, Why to create it, and How to Show it to the World

Optional Visibility Programs

Our Lead Generation Campaign is designed for serious Companies & Entrepreneurs growing their business in today's social environment. Our solutions provide a way to gain more leads through Social Media and our Marketing Efforts.We partner with you to develop a clearly defined Lead Generation Campaign with three goals in mind:




Campaign Requirements:

Initial Setup: $1,500​

Once we begin your program, we get you (or your team) signed into our communications systems to start collecting the information necessary for a successful campaign. We collect and compile data to develop a strategy targeting your ideal leads.  We collect social media leads  and convert them into more business and sales.

We created our framework to optimize the process and quickly get your Sales Machine operating at peak effectiveness.

Campaign Requirements:

We provide you with three options to grow your Lead Generation Campaign. You decide how quickly you want to develop leads and sales. The choice is yours.

Monthly Campaign Fees

​One Time Setup Fee of $1,500.00 with a 6 Month Subscription

Content Creating Services for Innovative Organizations

Our mission is to help your company get your message to customers and the marketplace

Today’s technology means companies, large and small, get their message out in real time. The latest disruptive technology is live streaming from a company’s website, and video feed direct to customers and their target market. This cutting edge solution has moved beyond testing, and is now being produced by your team here at Agengy258.

Organizations need to release information that is timely and relevant. Breaking company news, new product launches, convention invitations and announcements, time sensitive promotions, recruitment, or product recalls can now use this portal for streaming video and audio.

Create Engaging Content

Marketers and business owners should take note of the growth of audio and video within social and mobile channels. We need to look for ways to invest further in this content creation.

How to create engaging videos and podcasts

  • Build a tight community
  • Post highly shareable content
  • Make your content valuable and unique
  • Create plenty of excellent content on a regular basis
  • Listen and understand your audience
  • Align with your brand goals

Understanding why people share videos

  • They believe the information could be useful their community 
  • Creates emotions like happiness, exhilaration, or amazement
  • To share a passion or interest
  • The video or podcast promotes a good cause
  • It's about a current trend or event
  • They want to be the first to share this content about a subject