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Medicare Specialist
Healthcare Peace of Mind
Guidance to activate MediCare for seniors


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Business process and tech consulting company.


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The Holistic Healing Community

We are dedicated to providing the best information, connections and natural healing techniques available today.
We strive to be the finest resource available, providing everyone access to the ideal connection for your
Holistic Healing Journey 

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The Essence of Spiritual Light is Universal Love. As a Spiritual Facilitator Christi will assist you in becoming a Co-Creator in the field of conscious Spiritual Evolution.

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If you are not being seen you are not doing business
Visibility consulting helping you find your audience in the right place
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Kent and Renee Miller are addressing the great spiritual mysteries head-on.
Classes, books, and lectures are available to those who seek knowledge.
Authors of the Book: The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance

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MORE Symmetry Fitness

The number one priority in life is to find balance. We provide custom-made fitness routines tailored to your optimal health and fitness goals. Services include Health and Fitness Assessment, Corrective Exercises, MMA Conditioning, Boxing Techniques, Weight Loss, Personal Training, Corporate Bootcamps, Nutritional Therapy


Live today like you want tomorrow to be. Live well.

Executive Coaching and Business Strategy

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Is your business financially optimized?

My passion in life is to help business owners discover their actual financial capacity.
If you’re unsure of your outcome, let’s talk (832) 308-7213

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At weMED Wellness Center of Integrated Medicine, are committed to providing a professional environment that bridges the gap between, and captures the synergy of, Eastern and Western medicines.

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With an unparalleled reputation spanning more than 22 years, Memorial Eye has long been recognized as a leader in providing Houstonians with full service, personalized eyecare, and eyewear.

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Solid Path Real Estate Agency
Susie Juravich

After more than 26 years as a highly successful Realtor in the Texas Hill Country, long-time Houstonian Susie Juravich, Solid Path Realty Designated Broker, returned to her home city to continue selling residential real estate. Susie’s mainstay has always been her love of architecture and homes, and she began her career in Houston more than 34 years ago.

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Therapy for Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Spa Therapy offers services for Body, Mind, and Spirit. European Facials, Massage, Body treatments and Hypnosis.
Come and discover Beauty Therapy at Spa Therapy, the British art of relaxation.

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Results Coaching
Are you ready to make a positive shift in your life? Are you ready to live with a greater sense of purpose, more energy, more passion and more focus? Are you ready to stop living an average life and make it extraordinary? If you said “yes” to any of those questions then I am committed to helping you achieve an above average life because this is my passion!

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I promote self-healing through EARTH modalities which are Essential oils and EFT, Affirmations and mindfulness, Reiki, ThetaHealing, and Hypnosis

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Conversations on Senior Issues and Senior Women’s Issues, aging with Grace, training on HOW TO grow ‘Sticks,’ training on nurturing plants of all types, communing with nature, relating to and enjoying our pets… You name it and I’ll talk about it!

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Bring Possibilities To Your Business
Business services: virtual office, physical office, coworking space, meeting rooms

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A holistic approach to designing your life

Are you ready to design a life you love? I help people understand what has come before and break free from the patterns of their past and rewrite the stories of who they perceive themselves to be. This occurs through interior design and lifestyle design. Coaching, classes, workshops, and retreats.


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Peace of Mind with Organized Time
Residential and Office Organizing / Productivity Coaching / Accountability


At InfiniteYou we reach for excellence in everything we do and are constantly evolving to make sure we can offer you the best products, service and support. It is with this philosophy in mind that all members of InfiniteYou move forward, as individuals and as a team.

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Implement is a firm which assists companies in Increasing Revenues and Productivity while reducing stress.
They have assisted many Executives and Business owners in rescuing themselves from the lives which they have created(Boylston), after a downturn or a growth period in their business. Sometimes we allow our businesses to run our lives, instead of us running our business. Is it time to take charge?  Hide

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